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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Above, top: Marissa Yob, a baker with The Kiffle Kitchen Bakery, and Clinton Brown, a packing manager, showcase some of the freshly baked kiffles at the Bath shop, located at 589 Moorestown Drive.PRESS PHOTOS BY STEPHANIE RAPHUN

‘Kiffle craziness’


Kiffles, an eastern European pastry that is hand-rolled thin and filled with assorted fillings such as walnut, apricot and raspberry, are just one of the many kinds of treats The Kiffle Kitchen Bakery, in Bath, is whipping up this holiday season...

breaking news

Warehouses proposed in Allen Twp.

By AL RECKER in Local News

More and more, the once pastoral landscape of Allen Township is changing to one of large structures like warehouses and 18-wheel diesel trucks carrying cargo there.

While the impact has not yet been fully felt, since FedEx Ground has just...