Northampton Press

Sunday, May 24, 2020

PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Weisenberg Township Zoning Hearing Board will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, starting at 5:30 P.M. (Third Case to be Heard by the Zoning Hearing Board) in the Township Municipal Building at 2175 Seipstown Road, Fogelsville, PA. The Zoning Hearing Board will consider the following Appeal: Case No. 2020-5, Appeal No. 312. A hearing in the Appeal of S Ventures, LLC with a mailing address of 424 Forks Mountain, Auburn, PA 17922, proposed Lessee of the property with owners current owners Terry L. and Susan L. Shaner c/o Jokash, Inc., of the property located at 2160 Golden Key Road/Old Route 22/Interstate Route 78, Kutztown, Weisenberg Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania 19530, seeking relief via a variance(s) from signage Section 1218. The Applicant seeks the following zoning variance(s) from the provisions of the Township Zoning Ordinance for the construction of a sign and placement on the to-be-established Dunkin Donut Restaurant as outlined in the application, which shall include, but not be limited to the following Sections of the Weisenberg Township Zoning Ordinance: Section 1218 (signage). The parcel identified for the owners of the property (Terry L. and Susan L. Shaner c/o Jokash, Inc., 2160 Golden Key Road, Kutztown, PA 19530) particularly identified as Parcel Id. 543650436449 1 and 543650436449 2. The above-referenced property is located in Weisenberg Township, Lehigh County, PA. Copies of the Appeal Application, plans and supporting documents filed with the Appeal Application, are available for public inspection at the Township Municipal Building during regular business hours. All interested parties are invited to attend and be heard. In light of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and resulting health concerns, the within hearing is being advertised as a public hearing but the hearing will be conducted via Zoom online as well as advertised at the Township Building to allow for all interested parties, objectors and witnesses to testify via either phone through the advertised number or direct participation via Zoom, and/or questions may be raised directly to the Township prior to the meeting with those questions answered at the meeting. The Applicant and their counsel will be testifying via the advertised Zoom online and can be cross examined via Zoom or via phone on said date of hearing. Please contact Weisenberg Township for further information pertaining to the online Zoom account and/or the call-in number which will be posted and advertised at the Township Building as well as the requisite online account and phone-in will be provided upon request to the Township. NEIL D. ETTINGER, SOLICITOR WEISENBERG TOWNSHIP ZONING HEARING BOARD May 20, 27