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Friday, February 23, 2018

Capital improvement plan part of budget talks

Thursday, September 25, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Lehigh Township Supervisor Cindy Miller believes when considering the capital improvement plan, the township has to take into account loans for the salt shed, police station improvements and road sweeper.

The fire department wants a $650,000 rescue truck which will have to be carried over into future budgets.

Supervisor Keith Hantz described the plan as second guessing department heads.

Roadmaster Frank Zamadics said the boom mower at public works is unreliable.

School's open during historical society ice cream social

Thursday, September 18, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

The old school bell at St. Paul's Indianland one-room school rang out telling students it was time for class to start, but the only students were the parents and grandparents of the young people who were enjoying ice cream at St. Paul's United Church of Christ.

The Lehigh Township Historical Society held the ice cream social on Sept. 7 and the restored school was open with teacher Lowell Hawk waiting for his students.

He explained that some slates had a piece of stone tied to them with rawhide. The stones were used as pencils.

Plans for Delps Road park discussed

Thursday, September 11, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Paul McNemar, of FX Browne, attended the Aug. 26 meeting of the Lehigh Township supervisors to discuss the engineering design for Delps Park.

He said township Manager Alice Rehrig asked about day to day inspections during the construction phase.

The bid includes seven along with a punch list inspection and final inspection.

Supervisor Cindy Miller asked how much involvement would be required of Hanover, the township engineers.

Capital improvements plan to be on Aug. 26 agenda

Thursday, August 21, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Lehigh Township Supervisor Cindy Miller reported at the Aug. 12 meeting the township should have received a letter regarding a capital improvements plan.

She asked the administration if a server and laptops can be pushed ahead. She also asked if the departments could all share a printer.

Township Manager Alice Rehrig said the disadvantage to sharing computer items is that the printer takes only 8-1/2 by 11-inch paper.

Supervisor Darryl Snover said he believes a new printer should cost less than the $750 that was allotted.

Lehigh Township approves applications for grants

Thursday, August 14, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Lehigh Township supervisors gave approval for township Manager Alice Rehrig to apply for a grant for Greenways, Trails and Recreation.

The $451,795 Delps grant, $100,000 Monroe County gaming grant, $100,000 Open Space grant and $138,684 Greenways grant will require a $700,000 match in kind. Both use of township equipment and hourly rate will go to the in-kind match.

Supervisor Keith Hantz said Rehrig does a good job getting grants.

A DUI grant is the same as the one the police department applies for. Rehrig will apply.

No bog turtles in township

Thursday, July 31, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Permit can now be issued for culverts

Lehigh Township Supervisor Darryl Snover has been studying bog turtles and how culverts affect them.

At the July 8 meeting, Snover said a search that was conducted revealed no bog turtles exist in township culvert areas.

Information gathered must now be presented to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency and the Department of Environmental Protection so a permit can be issued for the culverts.

Pennsville intersection to receive safety improvements in 2016

Thursday, July 31, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Steve Guinter of Mackin Engineering attended the July 22 meeting of the Lehigh Township supervisors to explain the plan for safety improvements at a township intersection.

The intersection is at Walnut Drive and Route 248. It presently has a yellow flasher light on Route 248 and a red flasher on Walnut Drive.

The environmental study has been completed as well as an evaluation of a stone building and a tavern. Guinter said there would be no impact on either.

Large bear removed from Danielsville

Thursday, July 10, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Bear had been visiting restaurant Dumpster

A large black bear has been going to the Blue Mountain Drive-In, Lehigh Township.

However, instead of going inside the restaurant for his dinner, he stays outside and eats from the Dumpster, scattering his food as he makes his way to a red barn. From there, he continues his hike to a tree where he enjoys napping.

Samantha Heimer, Lisa Csencsits and Robert Csencsits, Blue Mountain owners, say the bear, nicknamed Bill, has been coming off and on for six years. They finally decided it was time to discourage him from returning.

Rezoning adopted near Cherryville intersection

Thursday, July 3, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Work has been done over the past several months to rezone the section around the Cherryville intersection from village residential to general commercial.

Resident Bill Strohl said he bought property in 2007 and the front of the property is now in the proposed commercial zone and the back remains residential.

He said he talked to township Manager Alice Rehrig about the matter. She told him she sent an email that he may not have read.

Hiring personnel for police, road crew discussed

Thursday, June 19, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

The Lehigh Township Supervisors last year discussed hiring one road crew member and another police officer mid-year.

Frank Zamadics, roadmaster, and Police Chief Scott Fogel and Sgt. John Henry were all in attendance at a recent Lehigh Township supervisors meeting to discuss the hirings.

Supervisor Keith Hantz said he consulted with public works to reach a consensus.

According to Zamadics, the depatment could manage with the current crew.