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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lehigh Township board discusses payment for tax bill prep

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

At the Jan. 9 meeting of Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors, members continued a discussion on compensation for stuffing and mailing tax bills.

Secretary Alice Rehrig said the tax bills had to have been mailed by Feb. 1. Tax Collector Mary Louise Trexler has requested $1 per bill for stuffing the per capita tax bill. Berkheimer prints the bills, the tax collector stuffs the envelopes and the mailing is on school district equipment. In 1999, a resolution was passed that it is the tax collector’s job to collect the per capita and occupational taxes.

New supervisors join Lehigh board

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

On Jan. 2, Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors, including two new members of the board, reorganized for 2018. The new members are Mike Jones and Phil Gogel.

Darryl Snover continues as chairman, with Cindy Miller as vice chairwoman.

Alice Rehrig was named manager and secretary/treasurer. When asked if Lori Lambert helps with office duties, Rehrig said not only Lambert, but also Pam Herschman.

Elizabeth Gehman was named zoning officer.

David Backenstoe is the township solicitor, and Michael Corriere is solicitor to the planning commission.

Simple clear toy candy recipe makes for great memories

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Tom Hourt and his family reawakened memories of clear toy candy as they demonstrated its creation at a recent Palmerton Area Historical Society meeting.

His wife, Jodie, and son, Mitchell, are integral parts of the candy-making business, which begins each year with the call of, “It’s candy weather.” The air must be cold and dry.

Lehigh Township supervisors pass 2018 budget

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Millage rate set at same 5.7-mill rate; Grove, Holden attend last meeting

A $4,896,115 budget was passed at the Dec. 12 Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors meeting. The millage rate remains as it has for several years — at 5.7 mills.

Supervisor Chairman Darryl Snover thanked Dell Grove and Blaine Holden for their service as supervisors. This was their last meeting. Holden thanked everyone who came to the meetings during the 10 months he served on the board.

“I sat where you sit, and it is a very businesslike event. I wanted to see how things were done. There is a great sense of community. I read every township covered in the papers,” he said.

Building committee report given at Lehigh supervisors meeting

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Chip Hazard, a member of a building committee to move the maintenance building plans ahead, gave a report on the group’s progress at the Nov. 28 meeting of Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors.

He volunteered during the Oct. 10 meeting.

According to Hazard, he and Frank Zamadics, township roadmaster, went to see an 80-foot-by-100-foot maintenance site. The building did not have radiant heat in the floor, which would have been included if it was upgraded.

“We’re on the right track. We definitely want radiant heat,” Hazard said.

Work on maintenance building discussed

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors was asked what was happening with the maintenance building project at a previous meeting. Supervisor Darryl Snover said the process goes slowly because they are caring for the budgetary impact. There is no final cost, but there is $725,000 in a building fund. Snover said they would like to complete the project fully funded.

Seniors attend expo

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

A senior expo was held at Bethany Wesleyan Church, Cherryville, Sept. 15. State Rep. Zach Mako, R-183rd, sponsored the expo to show what local companies and agencies have available to help them. Eighty vendors participated.

Mako said he was glad to see people come out. He stood at the door and shook hands with all attendees, asking if they had any special concerns he might be able to help them with.

The most frequently mentioned concern was the property tax situation.

Good Shepherd offers adaptive fishing clinic at Leaser Lake

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Susan Bates and Katie Pidstrawski enlisted a group of 17 people to attend a recent adaptive fishing clinic at Leaser Lake, Lynn Township.

The two, recreational therapists at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital, Allentown, were to review basic fishing skills and have demonstrations of special equipment.

The program was designed to help people overcome disabilities and injuries and to once again be able to fish.

Helping were volunteers, Good Shepherd, Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation and members of various sporting clubs.

Fireworks amendment approved for Lehigh Twp.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

At the Aug. 8 Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors meeting, Solicitor David Backenstoe said the amendment to the fireworks ordinance discussed in July has been tightened up with care taken to keep it from being unfair to users.

The ordinance now states a state-licensed operator must be on hand and have the paperwork in his possession. The cutoff will be 10 p.m., except for approved special events and national holidays. A $1 million bond is required, a stipulation in the original ordinance.

Historical society holds picnic

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Ruth Kent, treasurer of Lehigh Township Historical Society, said the reason for the group’s recent picnic was to have members attend and hear about a change to the articles of incorporation. It was held in an Indian Trail Park pavilion.

Kent said things are not being done in the manner in which the articles were designed. The society has been driven by a board of directors.