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Friday, April 10, 2020
Contributed photoKrista L. Karasek Contributed photoKrista L. Karasek

Cement Worker of the Month

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 by Ed Pany Curator, Atlas Cement Company Memorial Museum in Local News

Krista L. Karasek

Mrs. Krista L. Karasek was reared in Bangor, graduating from Bangor High School in 1996, where she was a member of the softball and field hockey teams. Both her father and uncle played Minor League Baseball.

She graduated from Allentown Business College and completed an internship at Hercules Buzzi Unicem.

Upon graduation, she was employed at Van Horn Association in Allentown for $8.25 an hour and later at Computer Management in Bath.

Krista’s cement career started at Buzzi Unicem in 1999 as a secretary to Joe Pospisil, VP of manufacturing. She was recommended by Bonnie Albanese- Piva, the HR director.

A few years later, she worked in accounts payable and payroll.

Krista said, “Presently, I still work in these areas, plus human resources in employee relations. Some supervisors I have worked with are Tom Hood, former controller, Jeff Lerch and Joanne Temperine, all fine people.”

Her day is busy and interesting, working with 135 employees and being a liaison to the community. She and the company are members of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Krista has visited a number of Buzzi Unicem plants to help update their payroll systems.

She said, “I especially enjoy working with all our employees, answering their questions and providing them with information to help our plant operate smoothly.”

Krista is very amiable, with a friendly personality. She is a dedicated, valued employee at the plant.

Mrs. Krista Laub Karasek has been married for 16 years. She spent 10 years coaching softball. Today, Krista and her husband, Ron, are busy attending sports events. Her daughter, Addison, and son, Kooper, are both active in a number of sports. The friendly family resides in Bangor.

It was a pleasure interviewing Krista, and I hope she and all our friends at the plant have a safe and prosperous 2020.