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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Municipalities to discuss trucks Jan. 13

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 by AL RECKER Special to The Press in Local News

A coalition of municipalities impacted by the trucks headed to and from the sprawling FedEx Ground warehouse in Allen Township will meet Jan. 13 to discuss possible solutions to keep the 18-wheelers off nondesignated routes.

Northampton Borough took the lead in confronting the issue after a group of borough residents met with Councilman Robert McHale regarding their concerns, primarily the trucks observed on Howertown Road.

Northampton Borough Manager LeRoy Brobst has taken the mantle, having North Catasauqua and Catasauqua boroughs, East Allen Township and Hanover Township (Lehigh County) confer on what can be accomplished to keep the big rigs only on approved roads and off the smaller local roads.

“I have talked to FedEx to attend some of these meetings, but they have not done so,” Brobst said.

State Rep. Zach Mako, R-183rd, had someone from his office join the meeting in December.

The next meeting will take place at the Catasauqua Borough Municipal Complex, 90 Bridge St.

“There have been less trucks on local roads than before, but it is still not good,” Brobst said.

Adding to the problem is the truck drivers are independent contractors, not FedEx drivers. The company said it has advised the operators of the rigs on which roads they may or may not use while conducting business at the warehouse on Willowbrook Road.

Local police patrols are monitoring the issue and taking steps when warranted.

Northampton Councilman Anthony Lopsonzski Sr. suggested that having weight scales put in place could resolve the problem and result in costly fines if trucks are overweight or have other infractions.