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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Letter to the editor

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

Call to decry Methodist bishop

To the Editor:

• Percent of Americans 70 years or older who are Bible-believing Christians — 65 percent

• Percent of Americans 35 years or younger who are Bible-believing Christians — 4 percent

• Percent of bishops in the Northern District for the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church who are Bible-believing Christians — zero percent

The bishop publicly took a position against Jesus’ definition of sacred Christian marriage and supported one that was against what Jesus taught.

The leadership of a local United Methodist Church was disgusted and aghast at the bishop’s actions and they absolutely disagree with her. They are not allowed to make public comments on this issue, but they took the most visible action they could by suspending apportionments (payments) to the conference.

I’ve been told the bishop cannot be disciplined, cannot be fired, and the position is untouchable. She can only be affected by the Council of Bishops on which she sits. The Council of Bishops has not publicly condemned “our bishop,” although the local church has made them aware of its position regarding “our bishop’s” action.

The members of the Council of Bishops should publicly condemn “our bishop” and demand she publicly retract her statement.

If they fail to do it, then they should be condemned by all Christians. Why should the bishops be paid such large salaries and wield such power as Christian leaders if they don’t believe Christ? How can we expect young people to believe in Jesus if our bishops don’t?

A church that loves Jesus and has the guts to publicly stand up for Jesus will have its worship services overflowing with believers who have been starved for strong Christian leadership.

Jack Sedovy