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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Letter to the editor

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

Requesting a traffic study

To the Editor:

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. So what’s on your Christmas list? More warehouses? It seems like our little corner of the world has become a magnet for warehouses! And what do we gain? More traffic, noise, pollution and retention ponds (bugs, critters, slime) — just what the doctor ordered.

Now lately, with only a couple warehouses up and running, I’m beginning to notice rubber along our little side roads. Yep, retreads are showing up just like on Routes 22, 33 and 78. Who has the responsibility of cleaning them up, or will that too be just another decoration along our cow paths?

My big question is just who is Pennsylvania Department of Transportation accountable to? Who do they report to? Who gives them orders to approve all these traffic nightmares? They need to answer to somebody. I know it’s not the residents.

All I would like to see is for PennDOT to wait until the warehouse located at Airport Road and Route 329 and the warehouse located at Century Boulevard (new road) and Route 329 are up and running, then do a traffic study before giving final approval to Jaindl for his warehouse complex. This complex is to be built from Seemsville Road to Howertown Road with 800 tractor-trailers a day, which equates to 1,600 trips a day plus approximately 300 cars. We really don’t want to end up with a Route 329 parking lot.

I am told by many that PennDOT reports directly to the governor, so I am asking everyone to get involved and write, email or call Gov. Tom Wolf and explain our area dilemma.

Maybe the governor will listen to the people who voted him in and help us. Or does money talk?

Madelyn “Maggie” Kemp

East Allen Township