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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Northampton budget includes tax increase

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 by AL RECKER Special to The Press in Local News

Dec. 5 vote is expected

Northampton Borough’s proposed 2020 budget was presented at the Nov. 21 Northampton Borough Council meeting. The budget calls for a half-mill increase in property taxes to support nearly $7 million in expenditures and other projects.

Borough Manager LeRoy Brobst, in presenting the projected $6,976,110 in expenditures, said the modest hike in real estate taxes will set the millage at 10.54 mills.

“Unfortunately, it will be necessary to increase taxes by 0.5 percent,” Brobst said. “This is the first increase since 2016.”

Council is expected to vote on the budget at the Dec. 5 meeting.

The largest expenditures for 2020, according to Brobst, will be an additional police officer to bring the unit up to 13 officers, two employees for the public works department, a certified sewer operator trainee for the wastewater treatment plant, a new SUV for the police department, a multipurpose vehicle for public works, an aerial firetruck and ongoing expenses connected with the federally mandated MS4 stormwater management program.

“Several items led to a successful financial year, including higher state pension aid, garbage collection fees, the sale of a KME aerial ladder truck, grants and a return on medical insurance premiums,” Brobst said.

The borough expects to close 2019 with $1,765,024 — a $127,516 increase over last year’s closing budget.

Taxes for 2020, projected at $3,667,467, lead income revenue sources for next year.

The police department expenditures are estimated at $2,680,909, or 38.43 percent of the public safety budget for 2020. There is $808,699 earmarked for public works projects, and $1,142,623 is listed as miscellaneous.