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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Land swap is proposed by Jaindl

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Developer David Jaindl, at the Nov. 13 East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting, asked for time to address his approved development along Seemsville Road.

A concern voiced by both East Allen and Allen townships is the expected increase in traffic along Route 329. The highway is already busy. Although the Kopper Penny intersection has been improved, the concern about traffic congestion still exists.

Warehouses are under construction west of Savage Road, at the Jaindl development at Seemsville Road and at the Vertek warehouse at the corner of Airport Road and Route 329. A revamp of the Imperial space on the corner opposite Vertek has been proposed.

Route 329 is to be engineered to time traffic and decrease congestion. Most of the truck traffic is designed to go down Airport Road to connect with Route 22.

With developments on the corner of Route 329 and Airport Road, the roadway south of the intersection to Locust Road is taking on a decidedly commercial character.

Jaindl had an interesting proposal. He suggested a zoning swap between East Allen Township and Allen Township.

Under Jaindl’s proposal, a portion of the Seemsville Road warehouse development in Allen Township would be relocated to East Allen Township along Airport Road north of Locust Road. The East Allen Township land is zoned agricultural and commercial.

Zoning changes would need to be made by East Allen Township to accommodate the swap.

A portion of the approved development in Allen Township would be replaced with residential development.

Reaction was mixed. Sue Lindenmoyer, who has been steadfast in her objection to truck traffic in East Allen Township and Allen Township, did not feel the proposal would relieve any of the traffic.

Jaindl’s approach was not expected but might be worthy of consideration by township officials. Reducing the number of trips along Route 329 should relieve traffic. The truck traffic along Airport Road would be about the same. One advantage of the latest idea is that truck traffic from warehouses around the Kopper Penny intersection would be less likely to travel west and further congest Northampton traffic.

Township Engineer James Milot noted the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is seeking comments on how to straighten the curves along Weaversville Road. Right now, Weaversville Road has truck traffic restricted because of the curves.