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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Borough discusses truck traffic solutions

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 by AL RECKER Special to The Press in Local News

Manager to seek meeting with FedEx, officials from nearby municipalities

Northampton Borough is proposing to have neighboring municipalities join together and meet with the FedEx Ground company leadership to discuss problems and potential solutions regarding the increase of truck traffic in the area due to the company’s warehouse and distribution center off Willowbrook Road, Allen Township.

The meeting was one of several ideas discussed by borough residents and officials at a special meeting Sept. 18.

Borough Manager LeRoy Brobst said he would contact the managers of Allen Township and North Catasauqua and Catasauqua boroughs to gauge their responses to such a dialogue with FedEx Ground. He added he would ask Ilene Eckhart, Allen Township manager, to arrange the meeting since the facility in question is in the township.

“It would be informational, not confrontational,” Councilman Robert McHale, who organized the informal committee and chaired the meeting, noted.

Although the FedEx Ground facility is not in the borough and trucks should be using other routes to get to the warehouse, Police Chief Bryan Kadingo reported there are tractor-trailers coming from Fullerton through Catasauqua and North Catasauqua and continuing on Howertown Road into Northampton. The bridge on Howertown Road has weight restrictions, according to Kadingo.

He said police are out on the roads but cannot be at sites all the time. He encouraged residents to call the station immediately if they see a truck violation.

Kadingo added there have been instances where box trucks have been stopped, taken to a weigh station and fined thousands of dollars if found to be in violation.

A suggestion was made during the meeting that the borough purchase weight scales, to which Kadingo replied that it was an expensive venture.

Another suggestion was to have FedEx Ground pull privilege of access to the warehouse to drivers who do not abide by the prescribed routes. Councilwoman Judy Kutzler said such a ban for errant drivers could reap positive results.

Replying to residents’ inquiries, Kadingo said there are big rigs allowed to make local deliveries.

Rebuffed last year on an application for a certified inspector, the police chief said he will again seek state approval.

“Something has to be done,” resident Barry Dorshimer said. “It’s a nightmare. We have enough traffic.”