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Monday, February 17, 2020

Traffic talk continues in Allen Township

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Supervisors consider more signage to keep trucks out of restricted areas

With a prior meeting hint that Allen Township might vote on the JW Development warehouse plan, the board of supervisors’ June 23 agenda instead addressed truck traffic, indicating supervisors might be looking at options to the JW Development plan. The land is zoned properly, so any codifications would need to be around the conditions of the plan.

Everyone in Allen Township seems to have had at least one encounter with a FedEx Ground tandem or its equivalent buzzing along Savage Road.

The board categorized complaints it received and focused on the top four areas battling truck traffic. Adams Street and Buckingham Drive connect to Savage Road. Truckers traveling north on Willowbrook Road might miss the turn onto Savage Road and go onto Buckingham Drive, which serves a residential area.

Things go downhill from there when the trucks attempt to get out of the area, having to navigate the winding residential streets.

A concern is trucks should not be going north on Willowbrook Road. There is a weight-restricted bridge on Bullshead Road, near Catasauqua High School. The restriction is designed to prevent loaded trucks from going past that bridge.

Some of the restricted use signs might be working. Bullshead Road in East Allen Township did not hit the top of the list. It may not have been included in the data collection.

Walker and McNair drives cross Willowbrook Road below Savage Road and take trucks on winding streets with dead ends.

Supervisor Dale Hassler wants to see signs placed at the intersections going into residential developments. The sticky detail is the trucks cannot be restricted if the street leads to a state road.

The situation is frustrating, township officials say, as truck drivers likely ignore GPS and local restriction signage.

With JW Development’s project and the Liberty Property Trust warehouses coming on line, the problem is going to get worse until some semblance of order is made.

Township Engineer Stan Wojciechowski seemed to indicate the township needs to buy the signs and put them up — no burdensome traffic study needed.

The board of supervisors wants to take a proactive approach to truck traffic across the township and decide on other roads that may require truck restrictions.

In other news, the township is working to solidify an intermunicipal agreement with Northampton Borough on a connection agreement. The original agreement for public sewer service ended in 2016. The latest agreement included rate hikes and other charges.

Negotiations with the borough are expected to continue.