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Monday, February 24, 2020

Letter to the editor

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

Concerns over East Allen warehouses

To the Editor:

When the Rockefeller Group proposed building warehouses on Weaversville Road in East Allen Township, the supervisors listened to the residents, weighed all the pros and cons and voted not to change the zoning to allow the warehouses to be built.

Now, the Rockefeller Group, who has all the money, is suing East Allen Township to allow these warehouses.

I guess they think they know what is best for our township — or is it the residents who have lived here for 50-plus years and have traveled these roads who know what is best?

Also, Jaindl, with all his wisdom, proposed building warehouses between Seemsville Road and Howertown Road, with an additional 800 tractor trailers entering and exiting the property. That’s an additional 1,600 trips.

I really think Pennsylvania Department of Transportation needs to do another traffic check after the two warehouses, which are now under construction, are completed and that traffic hits our cow path roads. Someone alleged PennDOT was paid off, but I cannot believe they would jeopardize their integrity and rule in favor until additional traffic studies are completed.

Our major highways are Routes 248, 329, 512 and Airport Road, all two-lane highways. All other roadways are literally cow paths.

This additional traffic, both tractor-trailers and cars, will cripple this area, which, at times, almost looks like a parking lot now.

Maggie Kemp

East Allen Township