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Monday, February 17, 2020

2019 primary election results

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 by The Press in Local News

Following is a list of winning candidates in the primary election.

The names of the winners are bolded.

If a write-in candidate was the sole winner in a race, the race will not be mentioned here. The Northampton County Election summary report does not list the names of write-in candidates. They are listed only as “write-in.”


• Supervisor, six-year term

Dale N. Hassler, Democrat, 179 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 1 vote


• Council

Barry Fenstermaker, Republican, 62 votes

Mark A. Saginario, Republican, 58 votes

Phyllis Andrews, Republican, 57 votes

Frank Hesch III, Republican, 53 votes

Write-in, Republican, 3 votes

• Tax collector

Tina M. Saginario, Republican, 69 votes


• Supervisor, six-year term

Christopher Cruz, Republican, 151 votes

Mark H. Schwartz, Republican, 145 votes


• Supervisor, six-year term

Michael P. McGonigle, Democrat, 391 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 8 votes

Gerald L. Pritchard, Republican, 326 votes

David L. Hess, Republican, 181 votes

Darryl Snover, Republican, 174 votes

Write-in, Republican, 5 votes


• Supervisor

Joseph S. Lattemann Sr., Democrat, 296 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 6 votes

Dan Piorkowski, Republican, 310 votes

Randy C. Silfies, Republican, 300 votes

Write-in, Republican, 7 votes

• Auditor

Maria Terry Papineau, Republican, 472 votes


• Region 1, four-year term

Barbara J. Knoll, Democrat, 383 votes

John E. Becker, Democrat, 305 votes

Robert Mentzell, Democrat, 281 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 1 vote

John E. Becker, Republican, 450 votes

Robert Mentzell, Republican, 388 votes

Barbara J. Knoll, Republican, 322 votes

Write-in, Republican, 2 votes

• Region 2, four-year term

Michael Baird, Democrat, 407 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 3 votes

Michael Baird, Republican, 345 votes

Write-in, Republican, 1 vote

• Region 3, four-year term

David Gogel, Democrat, 333 votes

Jim Chuss, Democrat, 275 votes

David Gogel, Republican, 545 votes

Jim Chuss, Republican, 436 votes


• Council, first ward

Keith Piescienski, Democrat, 69 votes

Write-in, Republican, 2 votes

• Council, second ward

Write-in, Democrat, 5 votes

Julia D. Kutzler, Republican, 36 votes

• Council, fourth ward

Anthony S. Lopsonzski Sr., Democrat, 34 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 1 vote

Write-in, Republican, 2 votes


• Court of Common Pleas judge

John M. Morganelli, Democrat, 11,957 votes

Write-In, Democrat, 85 votes

John M. Morganelli, Republican, 7,717 votes

Write-in, Republican, 32 votes

• District attorney

Terry Houck, Democrat, 9,360 votes

Nuria DiLuzio, Democrat, 4,041 votes

Write-in, Democrat, 17 votes

Tom Carroll, Republican, 7,495 votes

Write-in, Republican, 62 votes

• Controller

Tony E. Bassil, Democrat, 10,318 votes

Write-in, 14 votes

Hayden Phillips, Republican, 7,459 votes

Write-in, Republican, 17 votes

Editor’s note: The vote count was accurate as of June 7.