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Saturday, December 7, 2019
Contributed photoTerry Houck Contributed photoTerry Houck

Houck running for office of county district attorney

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 by CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE in Local News

Northampton County First Deputy District Attorney and lifelong Democrat Terry Houck has announced his campaign for Northampton County district attorney. Houck also announced his bid for district attorney has already received the endorsement of Fraternal Order of Police Washington Lodge 17, Easton.

In a letter, FOP Lodge 17 said, “As a former law enforcement officer, [Houck] knows the challenges that police officers face on a daily basis and the split-second decisions that we are forced to make. [Houck] has promised to pursue the truth no matter where it may lead, and for these reasons, we are proud to support you in your upcoming campaign for Northampton County district attorney.”

“The FOP Washington Lodge 17 has endorsed my campaign because, after my years of service to Northampton County, they have seen my commitment in action. They know the simple truth about me — I will not shy away from the truth, no matter where it leads us,” Houck said.

Houck has served alongside District Attorney John Morganelli as Northampton County’s first deputy district attorney for 13 years, overseeing all specialized units. As first deputy district attorney, Houck oversees 20 attorneys and all specialized units including the child abuse and sex offense, violent crimes, DUI, grand jury, narcotics and forfeiture, white collar, juvenile, appellate and domestic violence units.

Houck regularly prosecutes high profile and particularly sensitive cases, including violent crimes and homicides. He has spent more than 32 years as a prosecutor in Bucks, Lehigh and Northampton counties. For more than 20 years, he has specialized in violent crime prosecutions. His career as a prosecutor started in 1986 as an assistant district attorney in Bucks County, where he earned a promotion to chief deputy district attorney and headed the child abuse and sex offense unit. In 2002, he joined the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office as a chief deputy district attorney and the chief of the violent crime unit.

“I’ve spent my career standing up for victims of crime and ensuring that those who abused and victimized the vulnerable faced consequences for their actions. For 30 years, I’ve seen my role as a true advocate for victims when they are at their most vulnerable. I’ve stood up for the citizens of Northampton County for 13 years — and as district attorney, I will keep up that fight,” Houck said.

Before his career as a prosecutor, Houck was a decorated officer with the Philadelphia Police Department, where he earned numerous commendations including the Chapel of the Four Chaplains Award for bravery.

“I grew up one of nine kids in a row home in Philadelphia on a blue-collar income. I became a police officer because I saw that having a fighting chance at the American dream meant living in a safe community, free from victimization. When I passed the bar exam and became an attorney, I knew I wanted to spend my career fighting for justice for victims of crime and helping to keep our communities safe. I have spent three decades fulfilling that vision, and I will continue to fulfill it as our district attorney,” he said.

Houck graduated from the Philadelphia Police Academy in 1977, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice from LaSalle University, a Master of Arts degree in human organization science from Villanova University and a Juris Doctorate from Temple University.

Houck lives in Easton with his wife of 40 years and has two daughters, a son-in-law and a granddaughter. He grew up with four brothers and four sisters, the child of William and Regina Houck in Philadelphia, where he went to Cardinal Dougherty High School.

“The district attorney has a duty to the people of Northampton — you put your faith in our office to advocate for you, for all of us, when our laws are broken. I’m not interested in using this role as a platform for higher office or to move on to the private sector in a few years. Though the responsibilities of the district attorney are many, the core mission is clear — to continue to fight for and give a voice to the innocent victims in Northampton County,” Houck said.