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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Bath, Allen merge

Thursday, January 31, 2019 by Paul cmil Special to the Press in Sports

John Colocino and Eric Miller approached Allen Township’s Board of Supervisors at their meeting on Jan. 22 with an idea for combining youth sports programs in Bath and Allen Twp.

Miller is working on local baseball teams for the spring season and wants to use the township’s baseball field.

The plan is to combine the organizations into one group that was dubbed BathAllen. The group spent $1,000 on a website with scheduling and signup options.

According to Miller the idea is to use the new organization to grow a variety of sports. The existing youth basketball program would be open to Allen residents.

Supervisors were generally pleased with the approach. There are groups in the township now who are working with soccer players and organizing lacrosse teams. There is an active interest in organized sports.

Allen Twp has support facilities that need to be spruced up including the snack stand. BathAllen would take on the responsibility of getting the facilities up to standard.

The group already has a full board to oversee sports activities and commitments from parents for baseball teams at every participation level. According to Miller, the group hoped to include East Allen Township in the mix, but they decided to stay with their existing structure.

Supervisors gave their concurrence.