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Saturday, March 23, 2019
Marcia Hahn Marcia Hahn
Dean Donaher Dean Donaher
Jake Towne Jake Towne

138th Legislative District

Friday, November 2, 2018 by The Press in Local News

Incumbent Hahn faces challenge in race

Republican incumbent state Rep. Marcia Hahn will face two challengers in the race to represent the 138th Legislative District.

Democrat Dean Donaher and Libertarian Jake Towne are also vying for the seat.

The 138th Legislative District includes, in Northampton County, the townships of Bethlehem (wards 1, 3-division 4 and 4), Bushkill, East Allen, Hanover, Lower Nazareth, Moore (Eastern and Point Phillips districts) and Plainfield and the Boroughs of Bath, Chapman, Pen Argyl and Wind Gap.

We asked the candidates to respond to the following question:

Is enough being done on the state level to battle the opioid crisis?


Marcia Hahn

The opioid crisis and property tax elimination are my top priorities. I am committed to work with law enforcement, health care professionals and elected officials to combat this drug crisis and win the heroin and opioid epidemic battle currently affecting our communities.

This session, I authored Act 47, which gives parents/guardians the right to consent for treatment of their minor child. Other legislation that passed:

• Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Program (Act 20)

• Created standards for drug and alcohol recovery houses (Act 59)

• Updated school drug and alcohol instruction for opioid abuse prevention, emphasizing the epidemic and addiction to heroin (Act 55)


Dean Donaher

There are too many families broken apart by opioid addiction – and too many deaths. I have been endorsed by the Opioid Crisis Action Network because of my strong policy positions on combatting the opioid epidemic that plagues our communities. Mandating coverage for long-term care for no less than 90 days is critical for treatment. Mandated coverage of medication-assisted treatment is also necessary for those who face opioid addiction.

Addiction is not a choice; it’s a disease. When it comes to this public health crisis in our communities, we should be working together to find solutions that will help save lives.


Jake Towne

No, the drug war has ruined countless lives and cost exorbitant sums of money, just like alcohol prohibition in the 1920s. Addiction is a medical problem, not a criminal issue. I believe Harrisburg should end the “war” on drugs by decriminalizing nonviolent drug use. Pennsylvania could follow the path of Portugal, which has seen sharp drops in addiction and drug use by reforms consisting of drug decriminalization, medical care and empathy. Legalizing drugs will eradicate violent drug cartels along with wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars on enforcement costs by police, judges and prosecutors whose jobs depend on the drug war.