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Friday, March 22, 2019

East Allen supervisors hear request for purchase of tree farm

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

During their May 24 meeting, East Allen Township supervisors were asked to review a request from Frank Evans of Skoda Contracting to purchase a tree farm at 6699 Locust Road.

Skoda Contracting has a contract with UGI to replace gas lines, but the company does not have a place to store equipment. Evans is an amateur arborist and, according to his request, he would live on the property and carve out a couple of acres to park his company’s equipment. The township zoning officer told Evans to appear before the board.

Solicitor Joseph Piperato instructed Evans that he had two options — one is to ask for a variance, and the other is to ask for the entire parcel to be rezoned.

“We need to have something very specific to look at a request. The zoning officer will be able to look at the list and give you what is permissible in a given district and see what zoning district allows what you want to do,” he said.

Evans will now go back to the zoning officer with this new information from the board.

Township Manager Brent Green discussed a letter from Bath Borough. Imperial Properties owns a collection of small business warehouses and office spaces at the corner of Route 329 and Airport Road. In February, the company asked the township to coordinate with Bath Authority to allow sewage from the business complex to be treated at the Bath facility. There is on-site sewage treatment that is failing. The request must be processed through the township to Bath Authority.

Bath officials responded that they are interested in pursuing the opportunity. Township Engineer James Milot will coordinate the effort and collect the necessary data.

Ongoing discussions about Debra Court are moving closer to a resolution. The options will be presented to the four homeowners on Debra Court at a private meeting. The options include making the road a private road; decreasing the size of the cul-de-sac; or changing the configuration so that delivery trucks would need to make a K turn to get out of the neighborhood.

The board would like to get resolution on the future of Debra Court at the next meeting.

Joanne Yurconic asked the board to consider doing something about trash that piles up on a vacant stretch of Snyder’s Church Road near her home.

“We get a lot of trash on one section because it is difficult to monitor that section at night,” she said.

According to Yurconic, the area has collected a sofa, television and even a dishwasher.

Yurconic highlights a state policy to keep toxic chemicals from polluting aquifers. They banned electronics from waste disposal plants. Items like sofas are banned to keep waste capacity from dwindling. But there is no alternative for disposal.

Recycling a television costs almost 25 percent of the cost of a new one.

East Allen Township Public Works Coordinator Gary Mathesz chimed in that Snyder’s Church Road is not the only road with a trash problem.

The township will remove the trash, but an effective long-term solution is far from certain.