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Monday, June 24, 2019

Two projects in East Allen get supervisors’ review

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 by PAUL CMIL Special to The Press in Local News

Attorney requests rezoning for property currently used for mini-golf

At the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting April 26, two road projects, Debra Court and Monocacy Drive, were reviewed.

During previous meetings, the Monocacy Drive project was determined to need a complete rebuild. There are not enough funds for a complete project in 2018, so the task is divided into two phases.

“We need to get the stormwater systems in on the lower half of the road first,” township Engineer James Milot said.

The township could do a simple pave-over of the existing road and complete everything this year, but the overlay is not expected to last long enough to justify the expense. Supervisors back a complete rebuilding of the roadway.

Debra Court serves four homes with a deteriorating cul-de-sac. Discussions continue with the homeowners, but the goal is to improve the road to meet the needs of the residents while reducing township maintenance costs.

“We would spend some money improving the road, but it would reduce our costs in the future,” according to Chairman Roger Unangst.

Kate Durso made an appearance to clear up legal technicalities on the minor subdivision for the Toll Brothers project on Route 512. The details involved ownership of an access road to property behind the project.

Solicitor Joseph Piperato introduced changes to zoning ordinances and the International Property Maintenance Code. The only issue causing objections was language regulating All Terrain Vehicles. The proposed ordinance was oriented to recreational use. Supervisor Mark Schwartz pointed out that ATVs have a defined utility use on agricultural land. He wanted to be assured that the farm use of an ATV is not restricted.

Piperato presented the board with a resolution to allow a height variance on the proposed warehouse located on the corner of Route 329 and Airport Road. The zoning hearing board allowed the developer a height variance to 46 feet. The township’s rules call for a 36-foot limit. The township challenged the zoning hearing board’s decision but lost the court battle. As part of the settlement, the township will receive $100,000. Piperato presented a check for $50,000. The remainder of the payment is due when occupancy is granted.

PDW Properties, LLP Attorney Julie Wagner Burkhart asked the board to consider rezoning property at 7200 Airport Road to light business. Lucky Strokes Mini-Golf & Range is the present tenant. According to Burkhart, the business and the restaurant are not the best use for the property and have marginal profitability. There has been high turnover on the site.

Burkhart introduced Attorney Stephen Santola, who represents developer Woodmont Properties, LLC. The developer has a proposal for a modest business building that would meet existing zoning ordinances.

The board, under its new rules, has the option of granting a public hearing on the request. Supervisors indicated they will make a decision in the near future and notify the applicants.

Lehigh Valley Planning Commission is having a freight traffic study meeting and sent a letter to the municipalities saying they were not invited.

“The meeting is closed to the public, and there will be no input from the townships,” said Chairman Roger Unangst, who was frustrated with the heavy-handed approach.

Irene Kolessar asked supervisors to get details of the meetings up on the township website. Township Manager Brent Green indicated changes are underway. A few months ago, supervisors committed to including more meeting information to residents on the website.