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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Tennis schedule slow, but Kids start fast

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 by Wendy Kennedy Special to the Press in Sports

Temperatures are well below normal, winter winds are still blowing and sizable spring snowfalls continue to plague the Northampton High School spring sports schedules.

But the Northampton boys tennis team has not let an extended visit from Ol’ Man Winter slow them down.

The boys team is enjoying a 6-1 record to start the 2018 season with early victories over Pocono Mountain East, Easton, and Dieruff, among others.

The recent winter weather has forced the rescheduling several matches, making the remaining three weeks of the short spring tennis schedule very busy for the team.

“We’re playing four and five games a week just trying to fit everything in,” commented head coach Kim Davis, who optimistically added, “but we’ve got seven matches in already despite the weather.”

League play for the sport concludes on April 24 with the start of the districts championship on April 28, leaving little time for makeup matches.

Considering all the issues the weather has created this season, one might think the conditions or the scheduling might be Davis’ biggest challenge, but not according to him.

“Our biggest challenge is getting more freshmen and sophomores to come out, and we’ve been beating the bushes,” quips Davis.

The team of almost all junior students is a mix of experienced and new players. Northampton’s Andrew Hozza has been with the team for three years and is playing in the number-one spot with a record of 7-0. Playing at number-two is Chris Nemeth, also a junior and two-year veteran of the team. Nemeth’s record so far this season is 4-3. Finally, at number-three is junior Parker Hanuschak with a record of 3-4.

Looking forward, Northampton will take on some strong teams this week.

“We’re just getting into the meat of our schedule,” said Davis, as the team prepares to meet Emmaus, Liberty, William Allen and Wilson; four meets in the next five days facing three undefeated teams. “Our focus right now has been just trying to get some decent, outside practice in.”

The team has been utilizing any gym time they can get to offset the inability to hold outside practice, “but practicing inside is not the same,” said Davis.

Still, Davis remains upbeat about the strength and (especially this season) the resilience of the team.

“We’re beating the teams we should be beating,” said Davis. “We’re still young and we’re still learning; they’re a good group of kids.”