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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Building committee report given at Lehigh supervisors meeting

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Chip Hazard, a member of a building committee to move the maintenance building plans ahead, gave a report on the group’s progress at the Nov. 28 meeting of Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors.

He volunteered during the Oct. 10 meeting.

According to Hazard, he and Frank Zamadics, township roadmaster, went to see an 80-foot-by-100-foot maintenance site. The building did not have radiant heat in the floor, which would have been included if it was upgraded.

“We’re on the right track. We definitely want radiant heat,” Hazard said.

Conceptual drawings were the first step on an hourly fee structure, and four bids were received for each subcontracting part. Hazard talked to Iron Hill, a local construction managing company — part of a New Jersey company. They seemed very professional, he said.

The township had contacted Maxatawny officials in the early stages of planning since they have a new maintenance building. The committee went to Maxatawny to see what had been done there and to explore different ideas.

“We’re looking at 100 by 200 feet,” Hazard said.

With the research, he concluded that an attached ancillary building for things like the offices would be practical as it could be lower and easier to heat.

He looked at Hanover Engineering’s plans and, with only a little grading, said the footprint of the building could be moved slightly and work better. He liked the work the township engineers had done.

It is comprehensive enough to bid out the electric, water and sewer, he said.

Supervisor Cindy Miller said the township qualifies for a 40-year United States Department of Agriculture payback grant.

Hazard talked to J.G. Petrucci Company and North Star Construction Management, but first there has to be a meeting with the architect.

A motion was made to work with Hanover to complete the site work and then bid the actual building.

State Rep. Zach Mako, R-183rd, asked if he could help the township. Supervisor Darryl Snover said unfunded mandates at the state level and MS4 on the federal level are problems.

“See what they are pushing down on us,” he said.

PennDOT has been changing the intersection plan at Turkey Hill and adding thousands of dollars to that cost.

Mako said he had little control over PennDOT and said the township should call if other things come up.

Chuck Frantz, parks and recreation manager at East Allen Township, came by invitation to talk about his township’s programs. He said he does all the scheduling, not only the sports. There is a seven-week summer camp staffed by college students that includes road trips. They raised money for the Lehigh Valley Zoo and for two people with cancer.

The recreation committee holds a budget meeting near the beginning of the year and two more throughout the year.

His position is paid part time, five hours a day.

Leo Livengood was contracted to clean up the Cherryville Partners property. Rick Hildebrand, fire chief, told him to wait because of the windy days and there would be fire to burn stumps. On the first still day, it was cleared.

The township built a drainage system on St. Paul’s Church property to drain Almond Road. It needs repair work. One possibility is to repair it with a maintenance agreement, where the township will take no further responsibility. Supervisors Keith Hantz and Blaine Holden said if the township fixed the system, it should take responsibility to maintain the system to avoid deterioration. The inlet will have to be raised to the surrounding level.

The fire company wants to replace the 1990 rescue truck. Hantz said it should be tabled until a company representative can attend a meeting.

A resolution was passed prohibiting mini casinos in the township.

Elizabeth Gehman was introduced as the new zoning officer.