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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cement Worker of the Month

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 by ED PANY Curator, Atlas Cement Company Memorial Museum in Local News

Dean D. Haftl Keystone Cement

Mr. Dean Haftl was raised on the family farm in Moore Township. The entire family was active with 4-H Clubs. He graduated from Northampton High School in 1978, saying, “I was given a good educational foundation for life.”

Starting at Keystone in 1978, Dean was hired by manager Franklin Silfies.

He said, “I am proud to say our family — my grandfather, father and sister — have proudly worked at Keystone for over 100 years. Old-timers John Flamisch, Harold Newton and Tom Yost have also shared their work experiences with me.”

When Dean started at Keystone, he held a variety of jobs, from night shift maintenance to raw and finish mill operator. He later used his electrical training from high school to spend 17 years on the electrical gang.

Today, he is part of the preventive maintenance team. The group is the eyes and ears of the plant, covering every area of the plant — from the quarry to the giant pre-heater.

Mr. Haftl said, “I work with Brian Serfass and Harvey Beidler. Our supervisors are Mark Dlugos, Craig Lawrence and Herb Heimbach, all fine men.”

His longest shift was a 36-hour stint during a massive snow storm. The plant stresses safety; each Friday, a safety meeting is held to update his team on any safety issues. The current plant is much more efficient and productive than past plants on the site.

Dean has a good working relationship with his co-workers, saying, “If you need a hand on a challenging job, your co-workers are always there to help.”

Mr. Haftl is a friendly gentleman with a strong work ethic, from a family of dedicated cement workers.

He appreciates his job at Keystone, saying, “The plant has provided my family with a good standard of living.”

His favorite hobby is hunting, and he is a member of 5-47 Keystone Gun Club. Dean has been married to the former Nancy Silfies for 37 years, and they are proud of daughter NaDeanne and son Nathaniel. The friendly family resides in Moore Township.

I am proud to say Dean was a fine student of this writer at Northampton High School. We wish him, a 39-year employee, and all my friends at Keystone a safe and bright future.