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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Work on maintenance building discussed

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors was asked what was happening with the maintenance building project at a previous meeting. Supervisor Darryl Snover said the process goes slowly because they are caring for the budgetary impact. There is no final cost, but there is $725,000 in a building fund. Snover said they would like to complete the project fully funded.

“We have to submit another plan to PennDOT for the Cherryville intersection. We have to get the township leg of improving the intersection done,” Snover said. “If Cherryville Partners do not move ahead, someone else will pick it up. The intersection needs improvement regardless of whether Cherryville Partners or someone else develops the corner.”

Solicitor David Backenstoe said he does not know what will be done with the original Turkey Hill property across the street. Attorney Jim Preston, representing Cherryville Partners (Turkey Hill), said there have been some cost overruns to explain the slowness of action at the development at the Cherryville intersection.

Snover said the Cherryville plan should be rejected at the next meeting.

“If you are serious about rejecting the plan, tell them the conditional approval will be rescinded,” Backenstoe said.

Also at a previous meeting, provisions are being made in case of a work stoppage during union negotiations. Covered will be picking up leaves and snow plowing. Supervisor Keith Hantz said it was too much like forcing the work force to accept what it is offered.

Police Chief Scott Fogel said there have been 13 applications for two vacancies on the police force.

Locust Drive has been posted at 35 mph. A traffic study is being done at the Cherryville Road intersection, where many stop sign violations are seen.

“Coming off Locust, the sight distance is good,” Fogel said.

The request for the township to look into traffic problems on Dogwood and Cottonwood roads resulted in it being a bad corner and should have a lower speed limit. Residents near the intersection would like a stop sign evaluation and speed study.

Fogel said there have been several shooting events in a 36-hour period.

William Billman entered a complaint about the condition of the property at 3875 Banyon Road, next to his property. He has talked to the zoning officer and is worried about well contamination. He alleged they are doing automobile body work out of their home, which may cause oil spills.

Backenstoe said Billman could go to the magistrate or have a cease-and-desist order given.

Blue Mountain Martial Arts Academy had an extension request accepted. Snover said some material was new to the supervisors, and they need time to study it. The planning commission and engineer have differing opinions on some subjects.

The Lions Club has offered to buy some equipment for Breyfogle Park from Game Time. Club members said they wanted to get more equipment for children about a year ago, and Game Time has some grant money, dependent on the value of what is being purchased. They estimate a $40,000 purchase.

David Altrichter, representing Rails to Trails, said the group has contacted Leo Livingood and an engineer. A landscaper will make space for natural plants and wildlife along a trail at Indian Trail Park. They need to cut back vegetation, pile trash for the township to haul, cut dead trees and place a sign noting it is a rail trail with the support of the township. It will be called the Indianland Nature Trail. He requested a letter saying they are the official group working on the trail. It will be a three- to four-year project.

He asked if the township can contribute financially but said the group will have money to put into it as well. Backenstoe said other groups working on township property have liability insurance, and they should as well.

Sandy Hopkins said the water systems for Berlinsville and Danielsville parks should be improved. She said gravel comes through the pipes and clogs the filters. If the filters get clogged, sunlight cannot cure contamination. She was told to ask Bellevue Plumbing to give a second opinion and that each park should come up with a list of what is needed.

Supervisors were informed Walmart withdrew its plan for building along Route 145. There are no other plans to develop the property.