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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cedar Beach to have new summer tourney

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 by Peter Car in Sports

There’s a new summer basketball tournament in town and it hopes to fill some of the holes that high school coaches have talked about for years with the July tournament dates.

Glenn Klein, the veteran basketball tournament director for the Stellar Construction Catch A Rising Star showcase, is going solo and forming the Cedar Beach Basketball Showcase from June 22-25.

Klein has directed and organized summer tournaments over the past 37 years and feels the time is right now to branch off to put together a different tournament.

“What high school coaches have been telling us is the June date is ideal for high school teams to participate as a team since the AAU season is not in high gear,” said Klein. “Additionally, more college coaches can come to the games in June. I am confident players, coaches and fans will like this format and it will become a regular for basketball fans year after year.”

Klein is looking to put together a double-elimination 54-team boys varsity bracket, along with a 32-team girls varsity bracket. He’ll also look to fill a 32-team boys junior varsity bracket and a 32-team youth bracket.

“It’s the same tournament as Stellar, just with a new identity,” he said. “The June date should max out the girls bracket and it won’t interfere with the AAU stuff that a lot of the boys compete in. The boys will be able to keep their stars.”

SportsFest will continue for another year in it’s normal July time frame.

“We just want everyone to have fun and help kids get into college,” Klein said.

Service Electric has agreed to become a broadcast partner in the event.