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Friday, January 24, 2020

Jaindl seeks zoning changes at seminary

Thursday, July 23, 2015 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Joseph Zehner, attorney for David Jaindl, presented a proposed ordinance July 14 that would change Lehigh Township's zoning for the seminary acreage.

He and Jaindl attended the township's planning commission meeting and sought to make changes to their earlier presentations.

Nonresidential businesses would be scattered around the whole tract, not only in the seminary building, they said.

Supervisor Darryl Snover suggested they talk to Engineer Phil Malitsch to see if the slope zoning can be worked into the new plan.

Supervisor Cindy Miller said the chief concern is traffic, and without surveys, it is difficult for the board to make decisions.

Mary Trexler asked how traffic was being routed because, now, she said, "It's horrendous."

Jaindl said they have started making traffic counts and will do a full-blown traffic study. He hopes to have definite numbers by the next planning commission meeting.

Snover said the residents were glad there was a meeting on site.

Miller said the draft ordinance should move forward to the planners.

In other township business during the meeting, Supervisor Sandra Hopkins said more than $3,000 has been spent on backhoe repairs this year. Buying a new one should be on the fall budget discussion.

Kenneth Walter requested approval of a lot line extension that would add a small strip of land to the gamelands. A wetlands waiver has to be included. All requested waivers were adopted with the final conditional approval.

A traffic signal at Turkey Hill will require ongoing maintenance by the township. A plan for the light has to go through PennDOT.

Northwoods subdivision was presented for a new extension of Oct. 1. Snover said he wants to see a timeline for getting things done.

Miller made a motion to not approve the extension. There was no second.

A sewer check was turned in July 14, the developer said. A time study will have to wait till school reopens because that affects traffic.

The same day, July 14, they gave PennDOT the information needed to reissue its permit. Snover made a motion to agree to an extension to Aug. 1. It passed on a 4-1 vote.

Malitsch told supervisors there are five years to finish a plan or they can request an updated or new plan.

Township Manager Alice Rehrig contacted Nazareth to find out who developed its plan for a maintenance shed. The person has retired.

Malitsch said the only problem is to arrange interior spaces on the plan as received from Nazareth and explain it to the builder. The township wants a sketch plan that it can give out to possible bidders.

A motion was made to authorize the next step in acquiring rights of way for the intersection at Pennsville. It was asked if the intersection and the Sycamore Street bridge would be worked on at the same time. Supervisors said the bridge was to be started July 15 and should be done by the time the intersection is started.

The ordinance setting the speed limit at 30 mph for Redwood Road was approved. The new amendment for house numbers was also voted on. Both were approved. The house numbering will be enforced by the police and zoning officer.

A sinking fund was created in accordance with the local unit debt act.

The pumps are to be removed from the present Turkey Hill site and that site can be used for anything except as a gas station.

Scott Rehrig asked if supervisors wanted the emergency plan updated or replaced with a new one. He said there would be some positions that need filling if he does the revisions.

Alice Rehrig said people want alcohol to be legally used at township parks. It will be advertised as for picnic areas only.

The road crew will help the fire company by paving a small area.

This year $2,300 has been spent on repairs for the boom mower. Rehrig said $4,000 was spent last year. She asked about renting one for a week in October. Roadmaster Frank Zamadics said he doesn't want to put more into repairs. The cost to rent one is $5,500 from one company and $5,300 per month from another, which might be long enough to do troubled areas. Rick Hildebrand pointed out that it might be cheaper to repair it than to rent.

Miller asked if zoning decisions can be forwarded to the planning commission. Supervisors thought this was already being done.