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Friday, January 24, 2020

Supervisors grant conditional approval for Cherryville plan

Thursday, June 25, 2015 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Cherryville Developers is adding a note to its plan for the Cherryville intersection, seeking a new, enlarged Turkey Hill and eventually a retail section. The note will require the 60-percent impervious (waterproof) cover.

Impervious cover must be at least 60 percent, said Lehigh Township supervisors at the June 9 meeting. It was originally at 57 percent, but PennDOT enlarged its requirement for the right of way where an additional driving lane will be constructed.

The second issue for the development was setbacks. Along Blue Mountain Drive, the zoning hearing board granted a 21.63-foot setback instead of the required 30 feet. An 18-foot setback is still available but would need zoning permission. It would only affect one row of parking to meet the zoning setback.

The area between the parking and building is 36 feet, which can be decreased to 33 feet providing the 21.63-foot zoning requirement.

Supervisor Cindy Miller asked if it would still provide room for tractor trailers to turn.

Blue Mountain and Lehigh drives are state maintained, so the state will provide the highway occupancy permit.

Supervisor Dell Grove said he wanted to see the final plan before voting on it.

Solicitor David Backenstoe said conditional approval would be acceptable, subject to all conditions, including a Hanover Engineering letter, guarantee that zoning meets all sewage enforcement requirements and having the 60-percent cover placed in the plan.

Conditional approval was given.

Engineer Phil Malitsch said four of the six needed permits for replacing drainage pipes have been received.

A Local Share Act grant has been received from Monroe County gaming. It provides $346,000 to complete the fourth leg at the Cherryville intersection. Cherryville Developers will do three of the four. Miller said a multi-modal grant to complete the work has been applied for but will be awarded in November if it is granted.

In other business, an ordinance to lower the speed limit on Redwood Road will be advertised. This is a short section of a road that is 30 mph in the Moore Township section, and it is safer to have both sections set at the same limit.

The township is offering vehicles for bid: a 2000 Crown Victoria, a Crown Victoria parts vehicle, a 1998 GMC and a shoulder machine.

Five thousand dollars of insurance savings to the township will be used to buy 504 recycling containers. The charge to the public will be $7.50.

Craig Ball, a new township police officer, started in his position June 22.

"Things are moving in a positive direction," Chief Scott Fogel said.

Fogel said he has applied for a grant for body cameras. Experience with the one they have shows there is no doubt about their value. All but one vehicle has vehicle cameras.