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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Lehigh Township grants three-month extension to Speed Tec Automotive

Thursday, February 5, 2015 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Speed Tec has submitted its land development plan to Lehigh Township, the supervisors were told at their Jan. 27 meeting.

During the Jan. 13 meeting, the supervisors had questions about a business operating there without proper permits.

Laura Harrier, zoning officer, said no cease and desist order had been issued because the business is working to correct problems. She said the company would eventually get its permits.

Harrier suggested giving Speed Tec a three-month extension rather than six months. She also suggested a sternly worded letter to the effect that it was the final extension to be given.

Supervisor Keith Hantz said few changes were being made to the buildings.

Solicitor David Backenstoe said it was an old building and there were no plans on record. This provides an opportunity to get a plan on record.

In other business, Hantz asked why the township needed a sketch plan before it knows when the maintenance building will be constructed or what costs will be.

Supervisor Darryl Snover said a sketch plan is needed before prices will be available for further consideration.

Also, the weapons ordinance will be advertised and will be available for review at the township office. The question of forbidding shooting varmints in a residential village area leaves it open for game officials to dispose of varmints in that manner.

In another matter, Supervisor Sandy Hopkins questioned the word "longevity" when providing what amounts to a bonus for workers. It begins for nonunion workers with $325 for a year after five and an additional $35 for each year thereafter.

Hopkins said it should have been based on work performance.

When evaluations are set up, the matter can be revisited.

Also at the meeting:

· Tax collector Mary Trexler said she can provide regular reports on tax collected, interim taxes, and delinquent taxes but earned income and transfer taxes are beyond the scope of what she handles. She gives a report to township Manager Alice Rehrig monthly.

Snover said then what she is presently doing is adequate because supervisors can see the office copy.

· Rehrig said she had a desk and a second piece of furniture to sell. She was offered $5 for the desk. Snover said the $5 should be accepted and the second item donated to the buyer because advertising them would cost much more than the value.

· The shoulder machine, used to repair the edges of the roads, is in need major repair. It is not scheduled for replacement at this time.

· Recycling of electronics was tried before and the road crew wanted to unload items for overtime pay making it an expensive project. Rehrig said possibly volunteers would come in and help.

Snover said the crew should be asked what they think.

· Paying off a $179,000 loan would save $20,000 in interest. The money could be taken from the building fund and payments would continue to be made but into the fund to build it up again.

· Under public comment supervisors were asked what is going on at the old post office. It is open to the public while salvage is going on.

Harrier provided a demolition permit.

Activity has been stopped.

Snover said any liability will be for the owner and not the township. The building should be closed off while salvage is taking place, and it should be posted "no trespassing."