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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Plans for Delps Road park discussed

Thursday, September 11, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Paul McNemar, of FX Browne, attended the Aug. 26 meeting of the Lehigh Township supervisors to discuss the engineering design for Delps Park.

He said township Manager Alice Rehrig asked about day to day inspections during the construction phase.

The bid includes seven along with a punch list inspection and final inspection.

Supervisor Cindy Miller asked how much involvement would be required of Hanover, the township engineers.

McNemar said Hanover is familiar with the expectation of the township. He also said Hanover would not be needed on site but rather could be contacted through phone and email.

Either Hanover or previous engineer Spotts, Stevens and McCoy should have a CAD file that will prevent work being duplicated if FX Browne receives the contract.

Dirt, stone, topsoil and pipes are the materials the accepted bidder would plan for.

The original bid from Hanover to do the design was listed at $23,000 but since has risen to $37,000.

Supervisor Keith Hantz said the township should stick with Hanover but Supervisor Darryl Snover said the difference of $13,000 is not "chump change."

FX Browne's bid was $24,000.

"It's a rectangle," Snover said in regard to the planned new maintenance building.

He said he doesn't understand why plans should be so expensive and believes other municipalities should have suitable ones.

Rehrig said she and Supervisor Sandy Hopkins went to see the Nazareth building but, "It wasn't what Frank [Zamadics] wants."

Snover asked if Lehigh has more equipment to store than Nazareth.

Hantz said a steel building can be a clear span but a pole building can only reach 80 feet without supports.

Snover said the plans received should be reviewed by Zamadics.

In other business, concerning the Aug. 12 discussion regarding the Capital Improvement Plan, Rehrig said a centralized printer would be impractical.

Also, Police Chief Scott Fogel said some police vehicles reach 170,000 miles over eight years but problems begin to develop at 130,000 miles

He said he wants to see vehicles replaced on a seven-year schedule.

Snover said vehicles will change, especially the lights, by 2025.

Miller said a loader should last 15-20 years and a grader should last 25 years.

Rehrig said those figures could be pushed another five years.

Snover asked if the supervisors need more time to review the plan or if they need to hold a workshop with department heads present.

In response to a suggestion that the plan be put on the web, Solicitor David Backenstoe asked if the supervisors want to continue to distribute draft documents to the citizens.

Snover said they should plan for the worst and maybe receive a bonus if items do not need to be replaced as often.

Rehrig said the Northampton County Gaming Commission has not decided how to split grant money. Each municipality can submit only one application.

To meet the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing standards, the ordinance on group homes must be rewritten. Group homes are to be permitted wherever residential zoning is in place.

Correctional facilities and group institutions are defined and will remain as special exceptions in industrial zones. The amendments are being advertised.

Fire Chief Rick Hildebrand thanked the supervisors for allowing the Lehigh Township Fire Company to buy a truck. He invited people to stop in to see the new truck.