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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Lehigh Township approves applications for grants

Thursday, August 14, 2014 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Lehigh Township supervisors gave approval for township Manager Alice Rehrig to apply for a grant for Greenways, Trails and Recreation.

The $451,795 Delps grant, $100,000 Monroe County gaming grant, $100,000 Open Space grant and $138,684 Greenways grant will require a $700,000 match in kind. Both use of township equipment and hourly rate will go to the in-kind match.

Supervisor Keith Hantz said Rehrig does a good job getting grants.

A DUI grant is the same as the one the police department applies for. Rehrig will apply.

Supervisor Cindy Miller said the township should prioritize what it would like to get done with grant money and then look for grants for those purposes.

An extension of time was given to Speed Tec Automotive Group through Nov. 30. Speed Tec will be an engine repair shop on Route 145.

Hantz began to make a motion to hire a full-time police officer, but agreed to wait for more information which had been requested from Police Chief Scott Rehrig at the July 8 meeting.

Supervisor Darryl Snover said overtime is hard on some officers but a hiring would require a tax increase.

Hantz said Lehigh Township has a reputation as a safe place to live but development is moving in its direction.

Supervision Dell Grove said the chief should supply the needed information so they can get the necessary data to make an informed decision.

Hantz said he plans to make the motion for an officer at the first meeting in August.

Snover asked Rehrig to provide the costs associated with adding a new officer.

The Lehigh Township Athletic Association had requested a waiver of field fees for the Senior Legion baseball team but was told it was not necessary. At that time 35 percent were township players which meant there would be no fee because it would be a home team game. Since then the roster has gone lower than the 35 percent of local residents. The $150 fee will be returned.

Miller was oppossed because she said the 35 percent is always contentious. She and Hopkins voted against the return.

She said she had been asked when road repairs will be done on Fourth Street. Rehrig said the crew should be moving to Treichlers next week, and that the post office parking is so bad it is difficult to walk.

Dennis Hock, who asked about his road at the July 8 meeting said it was finished in front of his home and a beautiful job was done.

Snover said in some places Jakes brakes are required to have mufflers. A resident wants more enforcement of motorcycle noise. Even with no decibel meter it can be seen which cycles have straight pipes and make the illegal noise.

An executive session was held to discuss the collective bargaining agreement.