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Saturday, February 22, 2020
Famed wildlife photographer Leonard Lee Rue III's new deer book is an all encompassing study of white-tailed deer. Famed wildlife photographer Leonard Lee Rue III's new deer book is an all encompassing study of white-tailed deer.

Last minute gift ideas for your favorite outdoorsman

Thursday, December 19, 2013 by NICK HROMIAK Special to the Press in Sports

With Christmas gift giving only two weeks away, buying a gift for the outdoorsman can always be a trying task. To ease the burden a bit, here are some gift ideas that will please the hunter, angler and nature lover.

Since the deer hunting seasons are winding down, and anglers await safe ice for ice fishing, this is the "down time" when it's a good time to curl up with a good book.


Heading the reading list is Blairstown, NJ native Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III's new book Whitetail Savvy. This 311 page hardcover and e-book is illustrated with 220 of Rue's outstanding deer photographs, some never seen before. His book will delight the deer hunter and nature lover as it's a most comprehensive publication and study of whitetail deer ever published.

The book details the complete life history of deer, lists new facts and research and supplements Rue's previously published and most encompassing "The Deer of North America" that likely adorns every deer lover's bookshelf.

Upon sending out review copies of his new book, reviewers like Dr. Dave Samuel, Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Management, W. Virginia University says, "Dr. Rue's new book represents thousands of hours spent watching deer and his book ties it all together for hunters and non-hunters alike."

Robert Duncan, Executive Director, Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries, writes, " Dr. Rue is one of the greatest students and teachers of the white-tailed deer that ever lived. And his new book is another example of why I consider him the Dean of Whitetail Literature."

Charlie Alsheimer of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine writes, "No one alive knows more about the White-tailed deer than Lennie Rue. His new book is destined to be his finest work."

Denny Quaff, Sr. Editor of Whitetail Times Magazine says, "Whitetail Savvy is the best and most commanding volume about the ways of the whitetail."

An autographed copy of the $29.95 book can be ordered directly from Dr. Rue by going to

If you're a big game hunter, Make Every Shot Count is a 258-page hardcover book that tells how to get the most out of your hunting rifle under field conditions.

The Safari Press book was written by J. Scott Olmstead, Editor of NRA's American Hunter magazine who is also a former Marine rifleman, NRA-certified rifle instructor, graduate of premier shooting schools and marksman. This knowledge and training has been used by him when hunting dangerous game in Africa for his feature stories in American Hunter.

Olmstead also recounts shooting tips and techniques that he's garnered from former U.S. military Special Forces personnel, Chris Sajnog a retired Navy SEAL firearms instructor, veteran shooting school instructors and big-game guides.

In the book, Olmstead delves into critical placement of a rifleman's feet, legs, shoulders, arms and head for making accurate shots on big game. His instructions are amply illustrated with photos that show how your limbs can create maximum stability and a steadfast platform for any shot.

The book is divided into four parts that covers the gamut from picking a rifle to sighting in, natural and artificial rests, efficient deployment of your rifle, scanning and a variety of trajectory tables, advice on shooting schools and foremost, all the aspects of shooting a rifle quickly and accurately under real-life hunting conditions. It's sure to make all hunters better shooters.

The $29.95 book is available exclusively at


WaveSpin, the acclaimed tangle-free DH3000 spinning reel, is being offered at a special holiday half price sale of $39.95. The WaveSpin uses space age technology to produce 31 pounds of smooth, multi-disc drag (typically, 5 pounds on other reels) and is ideal for walleye, pike, bass, trout and panfish. The reel weighs a mere 10 ounces and can handle 6-10 pound mono or 20-40 pound braid from 155 to 260 yards and carries a two-year warranty.

To check one out go to They're also available at Cabela's.

Ever see a castable fish finder? For anglers who fish from shore, piers, docks or kayaks, the Deeper castable sonar may be for you.

The Deeper's sonar transducer is secured in a watertight case and is tied to your fishing line whereupon it gets cast like a lure to where you want to know the depth and see if there are any fish below it.

Now here's the cool part. The sonar can run up to 6 hours between charging, has a vertical range of 150 feet and has a Bluetooth broadcast range of 150 where it's displayed on your Smartphone with a free downloadable app.

The system retails for $229 from

Don't know about you, but I'd be very happy with any of these items at Christmas.