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Saturday, December 7, 2019
Carol A. Kuplen, RN, MSN Carol A. Kuplen, RN, MSN

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Thursday, May 16, 2013 by The Press in Opinion

Saluting nurses at St. Luke's

"Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care," the American Nurses Association 2013 Nurse Week theme, acknowledges the invaluable nursing contributions to quality and innovation across the country.

St. Luke's University Health Network's nurses demonstrate their commitment to quality and innovation each and every day. Whether they practice in primary care, emergency departments, operating rooms, clinics or inpatient nursing units, St. Luke's nurses continually search for ways to improve the safety and outcomes of their care.

Nursing innovations are evident across our network. These innovations are taking place in every St. Luke's entity. St. Luke's nurses develop and implement plans that enable patients to remain in their homes, introduce protocols to improve surgical outcomes and identify ways to improve the survival of neonates – just a few examples of how St. Luke's nurses are changing lives, one patient at a time.

The fact that health care is changing is certain. St. Luke's nurses care though, will remain as a constant; a presence on which our patients and families can count.

At this special time of the year we celebrate all our nurses and, in particular, the St. Luke's University Health Network's Nursing Excellence award winners. These extraordinary nurses were selected by their peers, colleagues and supervisors for their outstanding nursing care, leadership and community contributions. These fine professionals serve as shining examples of how the qualities listed above are put into action to benefit our patients, our hospital and our neighborhoods.

St. Luke's salutes the 2013 Nursing Excellence award winners and all of the fine nursing professionals who practice throughout our network.

Carol A. Kuplen, RN, MSN

Chief Nursing Officer

St. Luke's University Health Network