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Northampton Area Chamber of Commerce column

Thursday, April 11, 2013 by TONY PRISTASH Northampton AreaChamber of Commerce in Columns

Tour Lafarge Cement May 23

Are you tired of touring facilities and sites that don't require you to wear a hard hat?

Are you bored with tours that leave you all neat and clean instead of dusty?

If you think tours that just aren't gritty enough or don't symbolize the real heart and soul of the American Experience, then the Northampton Area Chamber of Commerce has a tour for you.

The chamber will be hosting a tour of the Lafarge Cement Plant, 5160 Main St. (Route 329) in Cementon May 23.

The event will begin with a pizza luncheon at noon followed by an extensive tour of the plant.

The event is open to the public. Participants are asked to sign up by Monday, May 20, by contacting Erin DeLong at or calling 610-739-1642.

As you may already know, cement manufacturing is ingrained in the culture of our area. Many towns and careers were founded and sustained by plants such as LaFarge.

This tour of the oldest operating cement plant in the Lehigh Valley includes the insights of a Wildlands Conservancy expert, too. Along with making cement, we'll also visit the wetlands on the plant site and learn how our ecosystem is impacted by this diverse wildlife community.

So, if you're one of the many who frequently drive by a cement manufacturing plant and wonder "what do they do?" this is your chance to take a peek behind the curtain. Learn how this fascinating process takes place and how modern cement plants coexist with today's environmental concerns.

I understand there may be some cement for sale, though there is a 10-ton minimum. Great for those big driveway projects this spring.

As a reminder, please do not bring your Sunday best shoes. You are welcome to bring your favorite bib overalls or OSHA-approved hard hat. Really.