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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Lehigh Township 2013 draft budget available

Thursday, December 6, 2012 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

The 2013 budget for Lehigh Township contains a .52 mill tax increase for a total of 5.2 mills. The draft of the $3,606.222 budget contains $1,465,744 in real estate taxes and $1,281,500 in local tax enabling act taxes.

Federal grants and FEMA reimbursements add $130,825 and state grants are another $50,345.

Tax collection expenses total $59,365. The solicitor is budgeted for $40,000 and engineering services add another $45,900. All charges attributed to police services total $1,135,942. The fire company receives $170,400 which includes the $72,100 of firemen's relief payments which are a pass-through from the state. For ambulance services there is $4,500 for supplies.

Contributions are made to the library, $8,000; and to the historical society, $2,500. Highway maintenance-general services adds up to $596,620. cleaning of streets and gutters costs $10,000 snow and ice removal costs $30,000, street signs and markers cost $14,400, repairs of tools and machinery totals $17,400, and repair to highways costs $5,500.

Total expenses match the revenue at $3,606,222.

Repair to highways and bridges is budgeted for $203,680 from the state fund. The state fund allocation is $339,687 with $90,000 carried forward. The state fund is a percentage of liquid fuels tax collections based on a township's road mileage.

In other business, Michael Cawthray was appointed to the planning commission. Two people had applied and each was given the opportunity to say why they wanted the position. He worked many years in business and while in Colorado attended commissioners' meetings and decided he'd like to get involved in local government.

Bob Hoffman was the second candidate. He had been a member of the commission previously but resigned when he left the area.

The Ag Security Area was enlarged with the acceptance of 31.6 acres on Apple Road. In order to get into the county preservation program the owner had to be in the Ag Security Area. There are only one-half to a dozen properties in Lehigh Township's Ag Security Area. The previous one was in 2006.

Supervisor Keith Hantz wants to wait for a discussion of impervious surface until Engineer Phil Malitsch is present at the next meeting. Presently a lot may have 10,000 square feet of impervious surface and if it is cut into four lots each may have 2,500 square feet of the permitted impervious surface.

Supervisor Darryl Snover said it should be 10,000 square feet for a given area.

Supervisor Dell Grove said the winter-spring newsletter is ready to go.