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Friday, April 10, 2020
 Mallory Schoeneberger, 23, of Northampton, shows off an upper-arm tattoo inspired by Mallory Schoeneberger, 23, of Northampton, shows off an upper-arm tattoo inspired by "Day of the Dead." She is treasurer and second in command of the tri-state chapter of The Modified Dolls. PRESS PHOTO BY PAULA BECK

'Modified Doll' works to break down stereotypes

Thursday, November 1, 2012 by PAULA BECK Special to The Press in Local News

Mallory Schoeneberger, 23, of Northampton, got her first tattoo when she was 18.

She is Irish so she chose four-leaf clovers on her hips to celebrate her heritage.

Since then, several more tattoos have followed but most of those were inspired by her love of "Day of the Dead."

Now, those tattoos have brought Schoeneberger together with a group of other modified women for a greater purpose.

Schoeneberger is the treasurer and second in command of the Tri-State chapter of The Modified Dolls. The group holds fundraising events to benefit various charities with a local focus.

"Our national motto is, 'we are the different making a difference,'" she said.

Modified women are frequently victims of stereotyping and sometimes discrimination, said Schoeneberger, who believes Hollywood has played a part in that stereotyping.

"In movies, the villain always has tattoos or giant piercings," she said.

A goal of the group is to shatter those negative images that some people hold regarding women with tattoos. The group's Facebook page states, "We seek to demolish stereotypes and open minds to what a modified woman is and should be."

Having a positive influence on the community is how The Modified Dolls try to change how modified women are viewed. They support many local charities through fundraisers.

Last June the group held an art auction at Volpe's in Emmaus that raised approximately $800 for Lehigh Valley Breast Health Services. They also raised money by offering face painting and selling crafts at the recent Fest-O'-Fall in Catasauqua and a tattoo event at Critical Acclaim held earlier this month.

Schoeneberger has a passion for charities that help animals.

The group is having a Five Guys Burgers and Fries fundraiser Oct. 29-31 to benefit the sCare Foundation which helps at-risk youth and teens. Participating locations include 914 Airport Drive, Allentown; 4025 Tilghman St., Allentown; and 3770 Dryland Way, Easton. Visit to print out the promotional flyer so The Modified Dolls will get credit for your purchase.

A yankee candle sale will also be held in November. Watch the groups Facebook page at for details.

In December the group will hold a 'princess for a day' makeover at Sweet and Sassy but the exact date has not yet been set. There will also be a princess ball (for youths) on Dec. 22 at the Macungie Institute.

Lastly, on April 20, 2013, they are holding a tattoo pageant called Ms. Modified Lehigh Valley. It will be at Sugar's Stage and Spirits in Bath. Anyone interested in being a vendor or a contestant may send an email to

Schoeneberger thinks it is wrong to stereotype because of body art but she understands the reality of the world we live in today. As a result, she said, she limits where her tattoos are placed so that they will not prevent her from getting or holding a job.

"I don't get anything from the elbow down or from the neck up," said Schoeneberger.