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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Towing policies discussed at Lehigh Twp. meeting

Thursday, September 13, 2012 by ELSA KERSCHNER in Local News

Rich Leibenguth spoke during the Aug. 28 Lehigh Township supervisors meeting on behalf of all five tow companies in the township.

Representatives of each of the companies also attended the meeting.

Leibenguth said they read in the paper that Police Chief Scott Fogel commented he wanted to send towing work to outside vendors.

"The chief called me today and said he was misquoted. We want to let you know what we think," said Leibenguth.

Presently a rotating list among the five companies in the township has worked well.

Fogel said that anything was part of a list of possibilities.

No policy changes have been made at the police department, the supervisors said.

"The supervisors vote on it. The chief can only make suggestions," said Solicitor David Backenstoe.

Supervisor Dell Grove said he had visited each of the businesses and that the chief will attend the first meeting of each month.

"This is a rare case where five competitors work together," he said.


In other business, Larry Turocsy of Lehigh Engineering appeared before the supervisors to ask for sewer and water information.

The property owner he represents owns 70 acres on both sides of Route 145. It is zoned general commercial and requires public sewer and water for some uses.

The Department of Environmental Protection approved extensions to the sewer and water for a Lehigh Engineering office and for an additional land development plan. But sewer extensions are not listed in the 537 plan. DEP said the prior approvals were a mistake.

Turocsy said a major developer decided against building at the site when he found the property had to be included for sewer and water.

The taxes would have been a tremendous boost to the township, said Turoczy, estimating the revenue at $80,000.

He said the township should revise the boundary map of the sewer and water requirement.

Supervisor Cindy Miller said the 537 sewage plan should be reviewed every 10 years.

It was tabled until the Sept. 11 meeting when Engineer Phil Malitsch was to have been present.

In another matter, the Northampton Booster Club asked for a waiver to the 35 percent residency requirement for use of the ballfields.

"Six coaches just want to scrimmage. They have talked to Rod Christman, president of the Lehigh Township Athletic Association, and he had no problem with it. It supports the high school and they use it when our local teams are not. The 35 percent has not come up before," said Supervisor Sandy Hopkins.

Supervisor Keith Hantz, via email, said he thought it could set a precedent.

The waiver was approved for Bryfogel Park.